Sunday, August 22, 2010

Unstuff Your Life!- Book Review

I was so happy when I was asked if I'd review the book Unstuff Your Life by Andrew J. Mellen. In fact, when the publisher's rep asked if I'd do it, I replied by saying, are you looking in my windows or something? My house is a disaster! I SO need to read this book. She laughed and mailed it out that afternoon. ;-)

Unstuff Your Life is motivational, humorous and actually fairly uncomplicated. I need that. One thing my life is is chaotic, and time is of the essence. One of the things I hate the most is taming the clutter. I swear I have Executive Function Disorder and just can NOT be organized, even if I tried. BUT, that is changing, thanks to Unstuff Your Life

The author, Andrew J. Mellen, has been noted as being the "most organized man in America". He has created techniques that help even the most unorganized person become organized. By reading his book, I can understand why. He has a way of putting things into perspective, of saying it like it is and calming our packrat nerves.

Since reading the book, I have been taking baby steps. If I did it all at once I'd end up in therapy (again!) and I don't want that, so I must take it slow. That being said, I am following his guidelines for taming the clutter. I am doing better at managing my mail already.

It is hard to separate myself from my STUFF but I am going to put my heart and soul into this project. I cleaned out my desk (and that was not for the weak at heart, I have treasures in there!) and finally, things got put away in their proper places, drawers organized and you know, I can find things again!

The book is noted as being "Part motivational guide, part life challenge" and I would have to agree with that.

I encourage all the packrats out there to go buy this book, available at your favorite bookseller.

Unstuff Your Life!

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