Sunday, October 10, 2010

Great Baby Signs to Use at Bedtime- Welcome our Guest Blogger!

We have a Guest Blogger! Misty Weaver wrote this fantastic article on baby signs. Thank you Misty, for this fantastic advice!
Great Baby Signs To Use At Bedtime

For a stress-free bedtime routine, try teaching your baby some bedtime signs. Baby Sign Language is a fun way to communicate with your baby, and the signs are easy to learn. They are ideal for times when baby may be a little tired, like at bedtime, as it is less stimulating for a baby or toddler to watch Mommy sign than to listen to Mommy talk! Read on for a some great signs to use at bedtime…


The first step is to notice when baby is tired. When it is time to begin the bedtime routine, make the sign for Tired. To sign Tired, extend your fingers and hold them together. Start with your fingers touching your chest, with your elbows up. Drop your elbows down. It is as if you are so tired you cannot keep holding your arms up.

Now it is time for your baby’s bath. Sign Bath, my making a fist out of each hand, then moving the fists vertically up and down your chest. The sign looks a lot like someone scrubbing themselves with both hands, as if taking a very efficient bath.

When baby is in the bath, follow this with the sign for Wash. The Wash sign is made by making both hands into a fist, holding the two fists together, and twisting the two fists back and forth.

Now it is time to clean baby’s teeth (if she has some yet!). The toothbrush sign looks like you are brushing your teeth with your finger. To sign Toothbrush, extend your index finger and rub it back and forth in front of your teeth.

When you are ready to put your baby or toddler into their cot, make the sign for Bed. The Baby Sign for Bed is made like this: put your two hands together, palm-to-palm. Then place your hands on an angle by the side of your head, and rest your head on your hands as if they were a pillow.

Now let your child know it is time to sleep. To sign Sleep, start with the fingers on one hand extended and spread apart. Beginning with your hand over your face, move your fingers down to end with your hand below your chin and your fingers touching your thumb. To add to the sleepy effect, as you make the sign feel your face relax and your eyes get droopy.

Bedtime Routine
If you make these signs a part of your regular bedtime routine your baby will pick them up in no time, and will have fun signing to you when she wants her toothbrush, or is ready to sleep. Be consistent, make it fun, and have a happy, relaxing bedtime.

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