Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesdays Gone

Thought I'd join another blog hop.....

so here's a Tuesday post from 2009...December 29th to be exact. My 39th birthday.

It's been 39 years since my parents made the trip from Houtzdale, Pennsylvania to Titusville, Florida for me to be born. 39 years ago that a Dr. Margaret Moore performed a c-section on my mother. 39 years ago that I became my mother's most treasured posession. I'm 39 years old today. My children greeted me with happy birthdays then promised to be good. My husband woke me to tell me he left my cards at the office and the jewelry store was out of the necklace I wanted. (I must give him an A for effort!) That's all ok. I'm totally content with being alive and well on my birthday. I may have a great meal out of it all, perhaps a slice of birthday cake with some ice cream and some quality time with my family. All in all, a perfect day. :-)

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