Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have to Laugh....

I am a very eccentric person, I think.  I certainly don't fit in to any neat little mold.  I have the most fun with my daughter.  We like to go mall shopping and act juvenile. Well, she acts her age and I act juvenile.  *laughs*  Yesterday I had to return an expensive piece of jewelry to the jeweler's.  The solid titanium heart was flaking to expose the solid sterling silver underneath.  Heh.  So while I was returning that, the sales lady saw my cougar ring and said oh, that's interesting, is that  I smiled and said it's a cougar.  Heh.  The male sales clerk laughed, out loud.  *laughs*  I giggled.  The girl looks at it again and says ohhhh, I get it.....  but by her reaction, I'm guessing she really didn't understand why both the man and I giggled.  At any rate, it was funny.  Though, typing it out, I'm guessing you just had to be there to get the whole tone to fully get the humor. 

We had a delightful time, my daughter and I. It was fun to walk around, point out the cute guys and laugh, a lot.  I'm so glad I have this time with her.  
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