Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thoughts on a Tuesday.....that feels like a monday

It has got to be monday, or the 3rd sunday this week, or something equally unpleasant.  Yesterday there was no school, today there is no school.  The 4 yr old is climbing the walls, the 13 yr old is climbing the walls.  If I see another episode (hear it, I don't actually *watch* it, but listen to it in the background) of sponge bob I may just start smoking again.....

The oldest is going to see Korn and Disturbed in concert tonight and I'm jealous.  I'd give anything to be screaming my lungs out at a rock concert with a million other crazy fans......just to get some energy out of my own system.  I feel like I'm climbing the walls, too.  At least I get out to go to Starbucks once a day.  
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