Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mama's Family and the Peppermill

Have any of you watched the Mama's Family episode when they go to the fancy restaurant and Mama picks up the peppermill and can't figure out how to use it? Eunice yells at her "It's a peppermill Mama, a peppermill!".  Ever since I saw that episode, I wanted my own peppermill, even if only to yell at some poor soul trying to use it at my table.  Yes, I can be devious. 

At any rate, I was given an electric peppermill to review and I will give you my honest opinion about this new addition to my kitchen. 

Ozeri Corporation sent me this beautiful peppermill to review.  I could NOT get it open.  I had every member of my family try and a few friends.  We could not get it open.  It came with a guarantee.  I contacted Ozeri and they sent me out a replacement, which I got within 48 hours.  The new peppermill was still a little tricky to get open.  I have fibromyalgia, so I wasn't surprised that I couldn't get it open, I can't get jars open and can't use a standard can opener, but my son and husband had a little trouble.  Another friend of mine had no trouble opening it.  You  need to use a LOT of pressure to open it, so don't be afraid of breaking it.  Just make sure you follow the directions and turn it the correct way, or you MIGHT break it.  :)  It takes 6 AAA batteries, which may seem like a lot, but that is standard for most battery operated peppermills.  I loaded it up with pepper and it grinds quite nicely on different settings from very fine to coarse.  I'm very pleased with it!  It feels great in my hand, very solid.  It has a black matte finish that is smooth to the touch with a silver tone push button.  You can use it for anything that needs to be ground, salt, spices, etc. 

Over all, I'm pleased with this product, now that I know how to get it open! 

You can purchase your own at Amazon.

*This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own*
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