Friday, January 19, 2001

I wish I were a more trusting person. It bothers me that every little thing can get me in a panic. for instance, Jenna's friend lives in our building. He comes to visit almost every night after supper. Jenna just adores him. He is a good (ok, great) kid, doesn't cause ANY problems and has been incredibly behaved while he is here. Why can't I trust him? I always feel like I have to watch him like a hawk and it's probably not necessary. I was watching him tonight, playing w/ Jonathan (he adores Jonathan) and I kept thinking, what should I do if I see him stealing something? Of course, he hasn't, and probably won't, but I can't shake this uncomfortable feeling :-( I can't even say what brought this up. I feel badly for thinking the worst, I hope I can learn to trust him over time. He's a good kid and a good friend to Jenna.

He is 10, Jenna is 9 and Jonathan is 3. They all get along so well.

Jonathan is still so sick. He went all day without a fever and now, that it is bedtime, has a fever again. He is coughing, feverish and feeling like crap. (wouldn't you?) All I can do is hold him and hope he feels better soon.

I'm still tired, this is what? three days in a row now? I can't seem to get enough sleep and my work is showing it. I have a part time job I do from home and I set my own hours. I've managed to get really behind because I've been soooo tired. :-(

I feel like I am getting into a funk. so I took off my dark blue nail polish (which happened to have snow men on them) for some reason I can't get it to upload the picture. :-( anyway, now they are white with yin ylang symbols on them. kinda cute. of course one hand isn't done yet, but the other looks pretty good LOL
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