Wednesday, January 17, 2001

My part of the world is finally quiet. It's 1:30am and as usual, I am not sleeping. I have a headache and my eyes hurt. That should be a sign to go to bed. Ah well. Here I sit.

Diversity- A point or respect in which things differ

I like that definition. Wanna know why? Of course you do! Or you wouldn't still be sitting there reading the ramblings of a crazed wife/mother. LOL I like that definition of 'diversity' because it uses diversity and respect in the same sentence. Now I am taking 'respect' out of it's context here. Respect can mean several things, two of which can mean 'willingness to show consideration or appreciation' or it can mean 'a particular aspect, feature, or detail'. Anyway, now that we have our vocab lesson out of the way, here's why I like that definition of 'diversity'. Diversity means to be different. Plain, simple and to the point. Just because you are different doesn't mean you don't deserve respect. I feel that if we are all the same, life would be pretty damn boring, don't you think???? Ok ok, got off track just a bit there. What I think I am getting at is this: I don't fit the nice neat package of the 'norm' (what ever the hell that is, anyway). I am different (= diversity?) I grew up in a community that was hell bent on 'the NORM'. If you were in our community and you looked different, walked different, smelled different, you weren't 'one of us'. Well, I was always the one to be different on the inside, but let peer pressure make me look the same on the OUTSIDE. Big Mistake. Why be somebody you aren't? Just for the sake of keeping some old biddies happy? If you don't like the real me then to hell with ya! You don't deserve to get to know me. :-P Online I have the advantage, as all of you do. We get to know each other's thoughts first. We get to know each other's MINDS first. It does't matter if you are purple with pink poka dots, or if you have no hair, or if you are covered in hair. It doesn't matter if you are gay, straight, bi, or any combination of any sexual orientation you can think of (and those of you who know me, you knew it was just a matter of time before I brought that subject up, HUH?), it doesn't matter if you have a mental illness, or a disaibility of some sort. We are all just PEOPLE. People who write ad share our thoughts. It doesn't matter if you weigh 300 lbs or 90 lbs, or more or less. Do you see the point I am getting at???? It's all a matter of RESPECT.

I gave my girlfriend a plaque once, it said 'Celebrate Diversity' and had hundreds of buttons in the picture, all different kinds. I told her that was us, and we need to celebrate diversity. My g/f is Jewish and I am Christian. No sooner did I give her that plaque and she said, Maggie, I am Jewish, you knew that right? I nodded. She said I always wear my Star of David and I'm not removing it, even for you. OMG! I wanted to SHAKE her! Did you NOT just see what I gave you????? DIVERSITY. I do not care what religion you are, or what you believe. I love you for YOU. Not what you look like, or how you dress or how you worship, but for YOU.

I need to end here, but just think about what I wrote, just a little? and share your thoughts with me. Although I wouldn't appreciate flames, I do like constructive criticism. Just as long as it's not about my grammar or spelling. *grin*
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