Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Boyfriend Blues

I try very hard not to be a meddling mom. When I am, I usually find trouble. So I try to just sit on my hands sometimes, with my mouth shut. I'd rather scream and shout instead. My daughter, bless her heart, picks the most frustrating boys to be her boyfriend. Ugh!!! The first thoughts that go through my head are "Thank God she is only 16 and while this could potentially be her lifemate, it's highly unlikely!!!!" Good grief. Her last boyfriend, Jack, was a doll, but moody as all get out and whiney oh so whiney!!! But at least he had the freedom to visit her and go places with us. He didn't enjoy going to the mall as much as she does, didn't enjoy going out to eat as much, but at least he could come over for the weekend and hang out. Her current boyfriend? His parents don't like J, so they don't let him see her. They don't let him go places with us. Basically they don't want him seeing her at all. I feel like I'm stuck in Romeo and Juliet or some VC Andrews book. Basically I'm stuck in hell! I want to tell them that if their relationship is meant to last, they will stick it out and still be together when he turns 18, a full year from now. But until then, his father is causing them so much grief, I almost want her to just tell him to hit the road. It's such a pain in the ass!!!!! As an adult who is somewhat rational, it's easy to say he's not worth the headache, but I was 16 once and I remember it well. In fact, my boyfriend issues began when I was 14 and I remember not being allowed to see the boy of my dreams...the boy who had my heart.

Ah well. I am not meddling...I'm not telling her what to do. I'm remaining neutral in all of this when in reality I'd rather go punch his father in the face. There I go being all mature again! LMAO!!!!!!!
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