Saturday, September 20, 2008

I got Hope the coolest toy EVER!!!

So dh and I went to the Learning Express today and left with $60 less in our pocket but some cool things for the kids. We got Jess a book, Jonathan a crystal growing kit and Jenna a giraffe ty beanie baby. (We started a giraffe collection for her when she was teeny tiny and every time I see one I like to buy it for her.) I got Hope a Bilibo! I've wanted one since I first saw them in a special needs toy catalog. They are soooooo cool. They are for kids ages 2-7 and make an awesome physical/occupational therapy tool. I took a couple of pictures with my phone, when I get a chance I'll take some better ones, but here's Hope playing with her Bilibo!
She calls it her "bowl" as in salad bowl. LMAO!!!!! She sits inside it and spins, she throws her balls in there and spins them around, she stands on it, uses it like a turtle shell, and big brother got in it and he used it to scoot across the floor. LOL! It's hysterical and the best $27 we ever spent on a toy. Who would have thought? So if you are looking for a cool toy for your 2-7+ (big brother is 11) y/o, check out the Bilibo. It rocks! I think I may end up having to get another. ;-)

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