Monday, April 20, 2009

I must get back on the blogging train soon. I feel so...I don't I'm leaving too much unfinished business, I guess. I need to get the junk out of my brain so it can rest at night..

Right now I should be working...and instead I'm sitting here relaxing with the cat purring in my lap. The cat and I have always respected one another. I'm allergic to her, she doesn't like me, or didn't, that is. Ever since my surgery in February, she has been glued to my side. I call her velcro kitty. I swear I can't put my feet up anywhere without this cat coming over all lovey and wanting to climb into my lap. That's all fine and well, except for I'm still allergic to her and her claws HURT. My legs are all clawed up. On the flip side to that, I love her companionship. I find her purring to be so relaxing, she's like a giant sleeping pill. She doesn't care if she's petted or not, she just likes to lay here and flex her claws into my skin ever so lovingly and purr.

I suppose life could be better for me, but perhaps not for her. LOL
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