Monday, January 18, 2010

My little girl......

Yesterday (it seems)

Oh yes. Tonight my sweet little girl walked right out my front door...holding hands with her beau. He tossed her overnight bag in and helped her up into his truck. As the engine revved and I said goodbye, I felt like part of me was dancing for joy. My sweet baby girl, now an adult, making her own decisions. She picked a good hearted boy to love and be loved by. He reminds me so much like her father... Yet, even though I know her girlfriend would be there and she really was "ok" (I had the TALK with the boy and he knows where she and I stand) it felt like my heart was out there just walking away. Now I know how my mother must have felt, when I showed up at the door, at 18, with my beau in hand, and when I climbed into his vintage sports car to go back to college....into the great unknown. I can just see her wringing her hands. :-) If I could talk to her today, I'd ask her, how do you stand it? How do you let go? She's only 18! She should be home with me, blowing bubbles in her morning milk while I tidy up the kitchen, not spending days at a time with a boy. It doesn't matter that her girlfriend will be there too! ;-)

My little girl has grown up. She has become a beautiful young woman. Where has the time gone?

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